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Homeopathic Software - from Lau Scientific

        "Our goal is to make the task of selecting remedies easier and faster. As many have already found, the Homeopathic Remedy Finder is a breeze to navigate and understand, especially for those new to homeopathy."

The Remedy Finder will guide you through every phase of homeopathy:
How to take remedies.
Remedy selection.
How to know if the remedy is working.
Explains potency and dosage.
References over 70 of the most popular remedies.
Contains first aid, therapeutic index and glossary.
Easy load software, Windows 95, PC.

"The Homeopathic Remedy Finder is a user-friendly program that is wonderfully useful to anyone new to homeopathy. It makes it much easier and quicker to find the correct remedy for 26 different ailments. It even has a great low price. What more can you ask for?.
-Dana Ullman, MPH
Author of 6 books including HOMEOPATHY A-Z
and founder of homeopathic.com

"Homeopathy just got simpler !I love this CD program for all my homeopathic students and members that are interested in the application of basic homeopathy."
-DR. Marijah McCain,
President of Herbal Healer Academy

"After reviewing the Homeopathic Remedy Finder, I am confident that our clientele will find it quite useful. I enthusiastically recommend the Homeopathic Remedy Finder to anyone who is exploring the facets of classical homeopathy."
-Laureen DiRenna
New Vistas, Inc.

Lau Scientific
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